The multilateral learner-centred intercultural project Join Hands and Hug Europe would provide a platform for close cooperation between 7 European primary schools- their pupils, teachers and other education staff in order to improve the school climate and create a safer, more tolerant and inclusive school by reducing violence and bullying and ensuring that every child feels accepted and develops its potential to the full. Teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and social pedagogues would exchange, analyze and compare violence-prevention protocols, procedures and other preventive measures used in the partner schools. Teachers would also exchange their lesson plans, resources, record their lessons and analyze them in order to enhance their pedagogical skills and improve their teaching methods. By its entertaining and interactive tasks the project aims at increasing learner-autonomy, motivation and creativity. Due to the topic of intercultural education the project has a multidisciplinary character involving ICT,native and foreign languages, history, geography, religion, science,art,music and technical education. The project activities would be integrated into the regular curriculum. Pupils of different ages and a large number of teaching staff would actively take part in the project. Their knowledge of other European countries, cultures and languages would be enhanced. Coming from different socio-cultural backgrounds pupils would study various aspects of culture. The project strongly emphasizes the value of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe. By broadening their horizons and developing their communicative, social and multicultural competences the project would help the pupils become responsible, tolerant and open-minded citizens of multicultural Europe.

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